Saturday, June 13, 2009

O'Connor Clinic

Favorite Quotes of the Week:

"Fushia frock" - Max on Zoe's wardrobe choices

"Get back here, I am not done yelling at you yet!" - Karen on my terrible approach to the downhill coffin jump combination.

"That energy zen stuff that nobody really understands," David on me trying to explain something about energy to him. He lives by K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple.

"How did I get the dope on a rope?!" - Karen on your horse's thoughts

"Get in there!" - Both David and Karen have said this many times, trying to yet you to ride harder into a combination

"ROW THE BOAT! ROW THE BOAT!" - Karen when you were not riding forward enough

"It's all about me" - typical Karen response to anything David has said

"Get him outta there!" - Karen on getting your horse out of a combination when getting a bad spot in

"Well, that's a first!" - David when a camper on the big red bull laied backwards on him and Cathy

....more as they come back to me =D

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  1. interesting quotes!! haha. well now that we're both BLOGGERS then I'll be coming back here to check on you, missy! (oh, and check mine out too mmmmk?)