Tuesday, June 9, 2009

O'Connor Clinic - Day Three

We started up today with our buddy, the red bull master. Full seat breeches are the KEY...or just a great way to make everyone think you really can hang on. We then moved on to more of the Parelli Horsemanship ground work with our horses... I must add that this is as far as i got on the night of which these events took place as I was wicked tired and I passed out after those two sentences were written.

We then followed up with some flatwork riding in which we used pairs of tennis balls which David placed at 4 strategic places on two 20 meter circles. We had to walk, trot, and canter through these balls and when you hit one you owed David $5. As it was Me and Nick's first time cantering, we racked up quite a bill, yet learned a lot in the process as well. We needed to be straighter on a circle [yes, I did not think that this was possible either but it sure is] as well as looking to plan our corners. 

After a short lunch, we re-convened to Show Jump. In Group 1 [my group] we worked with Cathy in the grandstand ring. Though Nick needs to work on collecting his canter, we did have a flowing trip that was impressive. The jumping exercise was all about related distances. We worked on a straight line and a bending line made up of three jumps in a "Y" type shape. Cathy made us all count our strides out loud, and I know least for me, that kept me from holding my breath! 

We finished with another stellar lecture by the Fabulous and Wonderful Max on first aid and studding. She did NOT use the familiar model post Olympic horse, Mandiba, but opted for the big grey, Smarty. Well, well, well. All I have to say that is that Smarty sure LIKED Max more than anyone else at the time she was wrapping legs. =)

Another successful day with the OECT. These days full lectures, riding lessons, watching them school their own horses, working, cleaning, mucking, watering, brushing, jumping will make every day without an O'Connor camp seem just not full enough. 

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